Highway 40

Since High school, I have been riding my bicycle long distances. I do this self supporting and alone except when I was able to convince my high school children to join me on one or two. When I say “long” I am talking really long, from San Francisco to Washington , D.C.
Recently when biking from Salt Lake City UT to Denver, CO (over the Rockies) I took many photos. It is from these photos that I made these paintings.
I am interested in the way time and space relate to each other. It takes a lot of time to bike through all that space (including over 2 miles high). It is slow country out there. Conversely I find myself in more than several places at once when I am on the internet.
These paintings combine the simultaneity and multilocation.
please go to www.bikingacrosstheusa.com to read about these trips

“Highway 40, #5″ Acrylic on Canvas, 48x 60”
“Highway 40, #2″ Acrylic on Wood Panel, 36 48”
“Highway 40, #4″ Acrylic on Wood Panel, 36 48”
“Highway 40, #3″ Acrylic on Wood Panel, 36 48”
“Highway 40, #1″ Acrylic on Wood Panel, 48 x 36”

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