Highway 40

Since High school, I have been riding my bicycle long distances. I do this self supporting and alone except when I was able to convince my high school children to join me on one or two. When I say “long” I am talking really long, from San Francisco to Washington , D.C. This and other favorite routes, like Seattle to Oakland and more can be seen on my bike blog.
Recently when biking from Salt Lake City UT to Denver, CO (over the Rockies) I took many photos. It is from these photos that I made these paintings.
I am interested in the way time and space relate to each other. It takes a lot of time to bike through all that space (including over 2 miles high). It is slow country out there. Conversely I find myself in more than several places at once when I am on the internet.
These paintings combine those two ideas

“Highway 40, #5″ Acrylic on Canvas, 48x 60”
“Highway 40, #2″ Acrylic on Wood Panel, 36 48”
“Highway 40, #4″ Acrylic on Wood Panel, 36 48”
“Highway 40, #3″ Acrylic on Wood Panel, 36 48”
“Highway 40, #1″ Acrylic on Wood Panel, 48 x 36”

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