New Glass

Always searching for help and meaning, I find myself creating objects of luck or solace. The alchemical process of placing glasses and in a kiln changes these glasses and metals as they fuse, an appropriate method to make work intending to talk about transformation alluding to other worlds. A kiln itself at 1500 degrees is another world where copper patterns become incased between two sheets of glass, a timeless zone free from Earth’s atmosphere which can no longer act on them with oxidization. The act of sealing objects inside a box additionally decrees a separate reality. These scenarios present unconscious questions providing no answers. The intention is to leave one pondering and not uncomfortable.

“Ignition” 2022 9 x 6 x 6″

“Loss and Identity” 2023 13 x 8 x8″
This sculpture changes colors as viewer changes position

“Me Myself and I” 2022 9 x 6 x 6″

“Home” 2022, 10.5 x 8 x 8″

“Blind Luck”, Glass with internal light source, 6x6x6″, 2020
“Heavy Moon”, Glass, ceramic and stone with an internal light source, 14x7x4″, 2020
“Your Turn”, Glass, powder, cork, 6x6x6″, 2020
“Ego’s Slippery Slope”, Glass, metal, water, 10x8x2″, 2020
“Happy Place” Glass and Mirror, 2020 6x6x6″
“Finding Myself” 2021 12x8x2″
“Inner Voice”
“Quiet Now”
Cast glass hummingbirds in bas relief fly in both directions on the back panel.
A white snakeskin circles crystal ball above and in front of a dimensional cast glass Mayan pattern (aka Greek Key).
The three keys signify the guide, the journeyer and the medicine. The combination of these leads to insights.
This is the top part of a five foot sculpture made for an inspired temple
“House ofTears”, Glass and mixed media, 15 x8x 6″ 2020
“House of Tears” view 2, Glass and mixed media, 15 x8x 6″ 2020
Cast Glass Magic Knives, cut through bad juju & negativity
each approximately 9 x 1.5 x .5″
Cast Glass Scissors
each approximately 8 x 3.5 x .5″
Cast Glass Magic Wands
sizes vary from 8.5 to 10″ x 1.5 x .5″
Cast Glass Magic Feathers, to make dreams come true,
each approximately 10 x 3 x .5″

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