Intaglio Etching

My love for line pencil drawings made etching an obvious media to explore. My love of pattern led me once again to draw birds which are full of pattern as are their environments. It’s always a pleasure to solve the puzzle balancing birds, flowers, vines and leaves. Not simply decorative, the birds are anthropomorphic. They have subtle personalities and interactions. Sometimes an eyebrow can say a lot. The birds exists in situations commenting on human society.

“4 Birds 4 clouds 13 flowers” 7.5 x 6″
“The Path” 4 x 6″
“dancing on Eggshells”, Etching with Watercolour
“The Haves and Have-nots with Others” version 2
“Sweet Bird”
California WildFires 2020
“Window” 9.5 x 9.5″
“Evolution” 12 x 9″
“Fish Jump into the Boat” 15 x 24″
“Birds with Cards”. 10×8″
“Anything’s Possible” 12 x 15″
“Beyond the Net” 10 x 8″
“Owl Presiding” 10 x 8″ (Cine Collé) one of a kind
“Deep Water”. 5 x 7″
“Sad Trap” 4 x 4″
“Birds with Lifesavers”
“Inside/ Outside Bird” 7×7″ handcolored
Light Source 8 x 10″
“Lucky Magic” 3 x 4″ (w/gold leaf)
“Bird in a Happy Puddle” 7 x 7″
“Starlight Bird Between Two Flowers” 3 x 4″

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