Watercolor and Gouache

In my water based paintings on paper, I am primarily interested in color and pattern. My intention is in depicting a lively environment where one can find enough intrigue and complexity to revisit often feeing refreshed. If I am painting in a foreign country, that locale will have an influence on the imagery. Similarly, stuck at home, the paintings become more personal and resemble a visual diary.

Birds with a Message 26×40″
“City Birds” 20 x 24″
“Birds Above Flowers” 30 x 22″
Sacred Heart 22 x 30″
To Make a Decision
Fantasy Rug
“Boats and Pills” 30 x 22″
“Fountain” 15 x 20″
“Getting Away” 15 x 22″
“Puzzle” 10 x 14″
“Restaurant by the Sea” 10 x 14″
“City Park”

Sailing Away
“When someone Gives You Flowers…”, Watercolor ink & pencil. 8 x 10″
“Your Turn”
“Memory”, Watercolor ink & pencil. 9 x 12″
“Flowers I was Given Today”. Watercolor ink & pencil.  8 x 10″

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