Paintings 2020-21

These 2020 paintings are acrylic and pencil.

“Me and My shadow” 2021, 36×36″, Acrylic and pencil
“What’s Going On?” (Covid, California wildfires, RBG passing, election…help!)
36 x 36″ acrylic and mixed media
“Wolves and Birds 1″ (Coronavirus times) 2020, 36×36”
“Wolves and Birds 2″ (Coronavirus times) 2020, 36×36”
“In Deep Water” 2021 36 x 48″
“South Entrance to Lake Temescal” 24×24″
“Birds and Flying Fish”, 2020, 12×12″
“Birds on the Edge of the Fish Bowl” 2020, 12×12″
Untitled (Going nowhere during Corona times), 2020 36×36″
“Birds Catching Fish, Birds Catching Insects” Weird Nature Series, 36 x 36″ Acrylic and Pencil
Hawk Eating Snake. Weird Nature Series, 2020, 12×12″
“Lone Bird” 2021, 12×12″
“Interconnected” 2021, 36×48″
“Climbing” 2021, 48×36″
“Flowers, Leaves, Vines”, 2020, 36×36″

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