Painting Acrylic & Watercolor/Gouache

“Choices” 12 x 12″ 2023

“Artist’s Retreat” 18 x 24″ 2023

“Lake Temescal Expanded” 2022 Acrylic and Mixed Media 24 x 18″

“Beyond Boundary” 2022 Acrylic and Mixed Media 18 x 24″

“Lake Temescal” 2021, 12 x 16″
“Yellow Road” 2021, 12 x 12″Acrylic
“Light Source” 2021 Acrylic 14 x 11″

“Looking Through” 16×20″ 2022

“Home” 2021, 12 x 16″

“Becoming” 36 x 36″

“South Entrance” 2020 Acrylic and Mixed Media 24×24″

Paintings During Covid

Apparent to me that Covid was part of nature, I began painting what I call “Weird Nature”. Bird imagery which I often use, now becomes invaded by wolves. Even without wolves present, birds start to show their meaner sides; by catching fish and insects; even eating snakes. 

As time passes, the Covid state of affairs becomes more familiar. Yet I am not living my life as previously. Rather, I am staying safe and at home a lot. Less fearful of imminent death but stuck in time without much external feedback. 

Paintings of pattern emerge as a refuge. Following the internal refuge of colorful pattern, scenes inside my home and the park near my house fill me with unexpected appreciation so I paint them. Many moons in strangely colored skies refer to a timelessness above. Similarly, unplugged light sources which are nonetheless illuminating, hint at a benevolent agency

“Wolves and Birds 1″ (Coronavirus times) 2020, 36×36”
“Wolves and Birds 2” (Coronavirus times) 2020, 36×36

Hawk Eating Snake 12 x 12″

“Birds Catching Fish, Birds Catching Insects” Weird Nature Series, 36 x 36″ Acrylic and Pencil
“Birds and Flying Fish”, 2020, 12×12″
“In Deep Water” 2021 36 x 48″
“Still here” 2020 36×36″

BIKING ACROSS THE USA on Highway 40. Time is Space. Simultaneous Landscapes

Since High school, I have been riding my bicycle long distances. I do this self supporting and alone except when I was able to convince my high school children to join me on one or two. When I say “long” I am talking really long, from San Francisco to Washington , D.C.
Recently when biking from Salt Lake City UT to Denver, CO (over the Rockies) I took many photos. It is from these photos that I made these paintings.
I am interested in the way time and space relate to each other. It takes a lot of time to bike through all that space (including over 2 miles high). It is slow country out there. Conversely I find myself in more than several places at once when I am on the internet.
These paintings combine the simultaneity and multilocation.
please go to to read about these trips

“Highway 40, #5″ Acrylic on Canvas, 48x 60”
“Highway 40, #2″ Acrylic on Wood Panel, 36 48”
“Highway 40, #4″ Acrylic on Wood Panel, 36 48”
“Highway 40, #3″ Acrylic on Wood Panel, 36 48”
“Highway 40, #1″ Acrylic on Wood Panel, 48 x 36”

Watercolor and Gouache

In my water based paintings on paper, I am primarily interested in color and pattern. My intention is in depicting a lively environment where one can find enough intrigue and complexity to revisit often feeing refreshed. If I am painting in a foreign country, that locale will have an influence on the imagery. Similarly, stuck at home, the paintings become more personal and resemble a visual diary.

Birds with a Message 26×40″
“City Birds” 20 x 24″
“Birds Above Flowers” 30 x 22″
Sacred Heart 22 x 30″
To Make a Decision
Fantasy Rug
“Boats and Pills” 30 x 22″
“Fountain” 15 x 20″
“Getting Away” 15 x 22″
“Puzzle” 10 x 14″
“City Park”
“When someone Gives You Flowers…”, Watercolor ink & pencil. 8 x 10″
“Your Turn”
“Memory”, Watercolor ink & pencil. 9 x 12″
“Flowers I was Given Today”. Watercolor ink & pencil.  8 x 10″

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    1. Hey Jimmy, that’s so nice of you to say so but really it’s more like magic because as you were liking my site I was redoing it and then when I looked at your site I saw that you were at Oxford and I spent some time there so I’m just here wishing you well and hoping that you will get your site up and running so I can see what you do. I write as well and keep a blog. Check it out it goes up and down but it’s my attempt to marry the visual with the text. Wishing you well stay safe and stay lucky

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